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Interview with Terry Rawlings


Academy Award Nominee and BAFTA Award Winner Terry Rawlings A.C.E. is the supervising editor of the movie The Tower of Dreams directed by Czech director Tomas Krejci. Terry Rawlings says: "The Tower of Dreams is a wonderful fantasy film for all generations which takes you on a incredible journey. Its a love story, a fantastic adventure with stunning visuals where goodness overcomes evil."

The film "The Tower of Dreams" really needs to be completed!

How much do you like sci-fi? Which sci-fi movies do you like most? Top5?

In answer to your questions I like some Sci-Fi films such as "Star Wars" "Close Encounters" "Avatar" "Alien" "Blade Runner".

What about fantasy movies? Are you interested in fantasy films?

"Something wicked this way comes" "The Fall" "Pan's Labyrinth" "The Company of Wolves".

The movie series Alien is a world phenomenon. Can you tell me about your attitude and relation to the series? Are you a fan of Alien?

The "Alien" series of films is fantastic, I think that the first "Alien" is the best film of the series. "Aliens" is a very good film but it is more like a war film than a horror film, "Alien 3" is a fine film if your see the latest cut which should have been the original release and the last one of the series should never have been made.

Do you know any Czech movies, directors or actors, actress?

I don't know a great deal about Czech films but I like the following:- "Tobruk" "Faceless" "Devided we fall" "Of Parents and Children" there are some others I've enjoyed but I can't remember their names.

You worked at the project The Tower of Dreams (also called Aporver). Can you tell me more about it? The director Tomas Krejci wants to finish the movie and release it.

This film really needs to be completed, I think the concept is great and it is a film that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is an adventure and a love story and its about saving the world something we need to do about the world we live in.

Tomas Krejci and Terry Rawlings


The Tower of Dreams

The Tower of Dreams combines multiple types of animation with live action.

The main idea is to a create hand painted look with real human emotions. The conceptual design of the film together with the animation and live action creates a fantasy world far far more different from the reality in which we live.


This is a world full of giant mushrooms with human cities built on top of them and where Flying Flowers are known to be flying instruments.


A world full of unlimited fantasy where the main heroes are brave boys, mysterious Seers, damned Tokries, weird old men and, of course, brave girls.


On many worlds, one sun shines, on others, three. On many there is nothing, but on the world of Aporver there is life in every speck of dust, in every Flying Flower. Aporver is alive and, like every living thing, has a living Heart, a Heart which lies hidden near The Tower of Dreams, where The Flying Flowers are born - and where wonders happen.


The Heart has begun to bleed and Aporver itself begun to die.


Only one person can save it: The one who finds: “The Tower of Dreams”

Academy Award Winner Marketa Irglova recorded songs for The Tower of Dreams

What about Czech republic, Terry? What did you like here most? Will you visit our country again?

The Czech Republic.......I love your country, I fell in love with it in 1982 when I came there to edit the film "Yentl" I made some friends there who are my friend to this day. Apart from "London" "Prague is my great love for its culture and it is so beautiful to look at and I will do my best to visit as soon as possible.

Thank you for a great interview, Terry!

Jan Vavricka

E-mail: galerie(at)vanili.cz